Killer Sofa Trailer Will Kill Off Your Binging Plans

Just as Netflix announced that it will start killing off its binging format with certain shows in favor of weekly episodes, Killer Sofa arrives to scare you out of the chair. From filmmaker Bernardo Rao, comes the most ridiculously entertaining horror jaunt of the year, Killer Sofa is on DVD and Digital from High Octane Pictures. It's Electric Dreams meets Christine in the heart-warmingly horrific chronicle of a killer Lazy Boy that falls in love with a girl, and the bloody carnage that follows as a result.

Francesca always attracted weirdos. When one of her stalkers is found dead, she looks for comfort from her best friend, Maxi. Meanwhile, Maxi's grandfather, Jack, a disgraced Rabbi, comes across a reclining chair containing a Dybbuk inside. Jack and his voodoo sorceress partner try to find out where the recliner has been delivered while exploring Jack's newfound gift for communicating with the other world.

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