Satanic Panic Director Chelsea Stardust Hails Satan

Tony Sokol Sep 4, 2019

Chelsea Stardust exorcises handsy demons and passes round the hat in the horror comedy film Satanic Panic.

The upcoming Satanic Panic is a good-natured sendup of all things bad. Since Penny Lane's documentary Hail Satan?, it seems devil worshippers are putting their best hooves forward in an effort to mainstream. Not the ones who do it right, of course, the elite few who go the extra mile to truly plum the darkness and depravity of demonic surrender. The ones who get rich off it, and aren’t afraid to sacrifice a virgin or two along the way: The diabolical one-percenters who don't pay taxes and certainly don't tip pizza delivery drivers.

These one-percenters are people like Danica Ross, though she isn't exactly a person. Played by Rebecca Romijn, she and her followers live by an unforgiving code as dictated by the "triple-faced fuck monster of remorseless intent and illuminator of poisonous knowledge,

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