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Rapid Response review – motor sports documentary stays in the slow lane

Shifting the focus from the drivers to the medical pioneers who saved their lives is as exhilarating as a health and safety briefing

Even if you are not an aficionado of motor sports, let alone the particular branch of it that revolves around Us race competitions such as the Indy 500, this documentary on injury medicine within this sector was, surprisingly, a little bit interesting. Perhaps that’s because directors Roger Hinze and Michael William Miles so single-mindedly keep the focus on the medical track, as opposed to the asphalt one, which makes physicians such as on-site medical officer Stephen Olvey and orthopaedic surgeon Terry Trammell the real heroes of the story, rather than drivers such as Mario Andretti. It’s as if, say, a history of an architectural style is being told through the eyes of plumbers – not where you would expect the focus to be but interesting nonetheless.

Rapid Response,

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