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Two WWE Superstars Face Each Other in this Trailer for 100 Acres of Hell

Indican Pictures will release Hank Leigh Hump's 100 Acres of Hell. Co-written by Jason Koerner (Pembrook), this indie horror film takes place in Foggy Creek. Here, an ancient legend roams the hills. Named Jeb, this killer has found another target, several men out on a bro's weekend. But, these campers will not go down without a fight. As well, this title stars well known WWE wrestling superstars: Gene Snisky and Sam Anoai. Also starring Catherine Corcoran (Terrifier) and Eileen Dietz, this film will begin a theatrical release in early October; a wider release is expected by mid-October. All of the film's release details are hosted here. The trailer shows Buck Severs (Snisky) heading home. Recovering from a career ending injury, Buck is ready to reconnect with: home, hearth and country. Out in the woods, Buck is confronted with something and someone he has never heard of before. A match-up for the ages,

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