The Best Stephen King Movie Adaptations

Ej Moreno on the best Stephen King movies…

After 40 years and 100 adaptations, the work of Stephen King still speaks to viewers. In just 2019 alone, we’ve had several feature films based on his work in Pet Sematary, It Chapter Two and Doctor Sleep, along with several television shows.

Starting in 1976 with Carrie, the work of King has impacted audiences worldwide with his hard-hitting stories and wild ideas. Filmmakers have used King words to inspire some of their very best work, with several of the films taking home Academy Awards.

In this video, Ej Moreno looks at ten of the very best Stephen King film adaptions. The only rule going forward is the film must find a balance between the original material and its own ideas. Sorry, The Shining fans, but this film isn’t as high as you’d hope…

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