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Preacher Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Messiahs

It's The Last Temptation of Jesse Custer time on a very busy episode of Preacher season 4.




This Preacher review contains spoilers.

Preacher Season 4 Episode 7

The buildup to the final episodes of Preacher have been, quite frankly, packed with a lot of crazy stuff. For example, Jesse Custer died last week, and he's buried in the Australian outback this week, much to the chagrin of Cas and Tulip. Granted, on Preacher, death is merely a relocation to a different plane of existence, and by no means does a character getting sent to Heaven or Hell actually get the character off of the show. You can't have Preacher without the titular preacher, even if some of the show's better episodes minimize his involvement.

The longer Jesse is sidelined, the easier it's going to be for the Grail to bring about the end of the world. With Jesse in the Outback,

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