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William Shatner and Jerry Ryan Battle Demons in Trailer For Devil's Revenge

I’ve got a wild trailer here for you to watch for a supernatural horror action thriller called Devil’s Revenge. The film stars William Shatner, who was the original writer of the script, but the final script is credited to Maurice Hurley (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

The movie follows a down-on-his-luck archaeologist, played by Jason Brooks, who “returns from a cave expedition that contains a cursed relic that’s also a portal to Hell.” In the process he curses his family and the only way to stop the curse is to go back to the cave and destroy the relic.

So, Shatner, Jerry Ryan, and others join him on his journey and they end up battling some horrific demons from hell. This looks like a completely silly film, but it also could be fun to watch. Watch the trailer below and let us know if it’s something

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