The Taking of Deborah Logan Shows a Monstrous Decline (Out September 30th)!

The Taking of Deborah Logan was originally released, in the U.S. markets, through Netflix. Now, this possession thriller is set to show on several Digital platforms this month. Terror Films is set to release this film through the horror streaming service Shudder, along with several other video hosters. The film involves an elderly woman, who is battling dementia. Her daughter and a film crew document her decline. But, something else is happening to Deborah, played by Jill Larson. The Taking of Deborah Logan also stars: Anne Ramsay ("Hawthorne") and Michelle Ang. A preview of the film's upcoming launch is hosted here. Director Adam Robitel is well known for some of his previous work. He has worked on both Insidious: The Last Key (2018) and Escape Room (2019). He has also been nominated for a "Best Film" award for his work on The Taking of Deborah Logan. As well, he is already

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