Review: Haunt, Bloodthirsty Psychopaths Run This House

Horror attractions like haunted houses and escape rooms borrow heavily from movies in both their designs and their scares. They're commonly populated with Leatherface clones, killer clowns, and green-faced girls in need of an exorcism. Many will unabashedly use the soundtracks of classic horror movies like Halloween or Psycho as background music. Now, in fittingly cannibalistic fashion, cinema is recreating those experiences — earlier this year with Escape Room, and presently with Scott Beck and Bryan Woods' plainly-named Haunt. If a scary escape room or haunted house is doing its job correctly, you can entertain the fantasy that it could all be secretly real, and imagine the terror of being trapped in your own horror story. “Extreme” versions, like the infamous McKamey Manor, take that...

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