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Hasbro’s ‘Ms. Monopoly’ Gives Women an Advantage Over Men, Sparks Twitter Debate

Hasbro is turning the tables on Monopoly in a campaign to support young women entrepreneurs — but reactions have been a mixed bag since the toy company announced the new game Tuesday morning.

The updated version of the classic board game, called “Ms. Monopoly,” is flipping the script by giving female players an advantage over male players — for every $200 Monopoly dollars men make in the game, women make $240.

The result is “the first-ever game where women make more than men,” according to Hasbro’s description — but Twitter users were quick to criticize the game Tuesday.

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“Ms. Monopoly:” Extra cash when you pass go. And instead of a Get Out of Jail card, women get to play Pet ‘Em In Jail cards with false #MeToo allegations against men…then collect multi-million-dollar civil suits & book deals,

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