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Review: Riot Girls Introduces the Gay Avengers of the Apocalypse

Zombies, aliens, mysterious diseases, and natural disasters: these are the elements that most frequently drive the post-apocalyptic narratives dominating our movies, TV shows, and video games. It can seem monotonous, as their similarities begin to blend together, but Jovanka Vuckovic’s feature debut, Riot Girls, succeeds in separating itself from the mould, with a hard rock survival tale that feels like something The CW could produce at their full potential.

Riot Girls is introduced cleverly through a comic strip, walking the audience through the aftermath of a mysterious disease that decimated the fictional mid-’90s town of Potter’s Bluff, with all parents succumbing to the disease. What’s left of the town is split in two: a battleground between the town’s children.

Death to the patriarchy is something we often express a desire for, and when it finally comes, we imagine that an anarchic town would thrive under its freedom,

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