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Richard Blackwood: 'I was in a bubble, thinking I had the Midas touch'

Comedian, TV presenter, pop star … the ‘British Will Smith’ was geared for Hollywood stardom until his life came crashing down. Now, in a powerful play about death in custody, he’s making a fresh bid for stardom

‘People are going to come to the show thinking ‘Does Richard think he’s going to pull this off? Ok, let’s see.’” Richard Blackwood is taking his best guess at the motivations of the audience at London’s Soho theatre. When I meet him at the start of a run of Typical – the one-man show he starred in at the Edinburgh fringe and which has now transferred – his mood is pugilistic.

The show is a retelling of the real-life story of British-Nigerian Christopher Alder, a commended and decorated paratrooper from Hull, who died on the floor of a Humberside police station while officers stood around, with some accused of making monkey noises.

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