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Arushi Dasgupta: “My first song ‘Naina’ showcases the beautiful relationship between mother and child”

Premiering on September 14th is a new and heartfelt song titled ‘Naina’. Composed and sung by Arushi Dasgupta, the song is about the beautiful relationship between a mother and child.

Arushi is married to noted music composer Gourov Dasgupta but what is so cool, is that it is this Arushi’s first single. Even cooler is that the video also features their cutie daughter Vedika.

The song was produced by Roshin Balu with lyrics by Farhan Memon with the video directed by Roshin and Gourov. But more on that later …

Ahead of the release, we got the chance to learn more about Arushi, her journey to singer and composer, the creation of ‘Naina’ and her incredible happiness at having her dream come true and so much more!

Has composing music and singing something you always wanted to do?

Singing was something that I’ve been doing as a hobby since I was a kid…

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