‘Urban Fears’ Review

Stars: Shawn C. Phillips, Nicholas Michael Jacobs, Alexis Beacher, Gianna Jacobs, Christian Jacobs, Brian Jacobs, Jayla Jacobs, Erisa Pikuli | Written and Directed by Nicholas Michael Jacobs

Urban Fears is a horror anthology film from director Nicholas Michael Jacobs (Night), and gives us three stories that are tied together by a prologue and epilogue. The anthology has these links that keep it all similarly toned and gives it a flow, which I do like, and it’s something I get a kick out of when it comes to anthology films.

So, Urban Fears is a micro-budget flick, and the stories we witness are different enough to be interesting but have these little things that lock them together, like I mentioned. Jacob didn’t do a bad job with this concept, and it’s the strongest idea that Urban Fears has going for it. It’s suburban horror, and promoted as such,

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