TV Review: ‘Transparent’ Series Finale

Amazon’s “Transparent” will have a chapter, or a section of one, in some to-be-written history of television, in part thanks to how brazen and how daring its ideas were for its moment. Some of those were ideas that came to seem simply logical in retrospect: The show was a pathbreaker for trans representation onscreen, casting trans performers to play characters whose journeys they shared. This came years before FX’s more polished “Pose,” and represents a meaningful step forward; it’s “Transparent’s” legacy, and a good one.

Others of the show’s choices — its assertiveness in moving its characters in radical new decisions, only to reverse those decisions and return the story to a consequence-free stasis episodes later; its tendency to substitute a robust emotionality over storytelling rigor — were carried across, or almost were, thanks simply to the show’s brio. Pushed along by Jill Soloway, a showrunner

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