The Secrets of the Joker Movie

Mike Cecchini Sep 16, 2019

Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix talk about the Joker movie, its period setting, and why it isn't part of the Dceu or DC Universe.

“I’ve always enjoyed movies that are a little difficult to speak about right after, and you go, I want to process this a little bit,” Joker director Todd Phillips tells reporters after a September screening. “I always find those to be particularly rewarding in a way. It’s not like that was a specific goal but...I always enjoy movies where you can’t necessarily distill it down to a one line thing.”

A feature-length origin story for one of the pop culture’s greatest villains, Joker is the story of Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a wannabe comedian who lives with his ailing mother, and the increasingly violent spiral of his life. But as Phillips says, Joker can’t be summed up in a single sentence.

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