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William X. Lee’s Gangsters Incorporated Starring Joe Estevez, Mel Novak and Shawn C. Phillips Gets Worldwide Distribution

William X. Lee’s (Black Mamba) Gangsters Incorporated starring Joe Estevez, Mel Novak, and Shawn C. Phillips gets worldwide distribution on Amazon, Fye, TCM, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, and Target on Tuesday, September 17th. With cinematic nods to The Godfather, Black Caesar, and GoodFellas, William X. Lee’’s Gangsters Incorporated tells the story of America’s first African-American Don, or head of a crime family. This compelling film is a tale of family, trust, honor and betrayal. You know what they say: ''Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies buried.’' Also starring Corum Sanford, Steven A Guynn, William Wreggelsworth, Louis Banks,...

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