Joaquin Phoenix wanted to audition his Joker laugh for director Todd Phillips

Joaquin Phoenix, the star of Joker, has revealed that he auditioned the character’s iconic laugh.

One of the most iconic sounds in film and TV is the Joker’s laugh and every actor has had their slightly different take on it. Nailing the laugh is a big part of making the character your own and this is why Joaquin Phoenix was so invested in getting his right for Joker.

Even though Todd Phillips had already given him the role, Phoenix has revealed to Screen Rant that he requested that he audition his laugh for the director – just to see if he could get it right. Explaining how he found his laugh, Phoenix said: “Well, really… Do you remember that I basically just auditioned myself?” he said to Todd Phillips.

“I had you come over to audition the laugh, because I didn’t think I could do it. Because you showed me some videos,

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