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‘Promare’ Review: Hiroyuki Imaishi Delivers Another Dizzying Sci-Fi Action Spectacle

Hiroyuki Imaishi is–in the very best way–one of animation’s finest ambassadors of Adhd. His 2004 directorial debut, Dead Leaves, is a masterpiece of sci-fi action insanity: 50 minutes of delirious stylized motion, featuring ultra-angular “superflat” designs combining the most expressive deformities of Eastern and Western comics and cartoons; a psychedelic adrenaline rush that diffuses the full density of a pulpy jailbreak action flick into half the running time and several times the visual scope. It is the pure cinematic embodiment of a film viewer, and filmmaker, whose bountiful imagination strikes dynamite creative synthesis with a short-fuse attention span. Dead Leaves was a minor event at the time, consigned to direct-to-dvd release overseas and ultimately, perhaps, too aggressively weird and explicit to capture the fancy of either mainstream critics or otaku. But 15 years later, Imaishi–who found breakout success in TV anime and co-founded his own studio, Trigger–has become

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