Why a creative career requires cultivating curiosity and embracing failure

Ellenor Cox.

Emmy and Aacta Award winning producer turned screen sector executive coach Ellenor Cox explains why she feels curiosity is the single most defining feature of a successful creative career.

I clearly remember the moment as a 21 year old, freshly inducted into the hallowed halls of Qantas’s marketing department, when I came across an article stating that the average Australian will change their careers three times in their lives.

“Well, that will never be me!” I proclaimed, still chuffed at being accepted into this insanely competitive graduate management trainee program, envisaging myself grey-haired but with the corner office.

Yet six years later I experienced what’s now known as a ‘quarter life crisis’ and I took myself off backpacking indefinitely through Europe to ‘find myself’.

Fast forward and after an almost 25 year career as a film producer, I’m reaching that statistical average; I’m revelling in my

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