Film Review: ‘Running With the Devil’

A retired Navy Seal who for a time was a military advisor on the Colombian drug trade, Jason Cabell conceived his first solo feature as writer-director to tell the story of that particular commerce “from the point of view of the drugs.” The result isn’t exactly a docudrama indictment like “Traffic,” a thriller a la “Sicario,” a plea for innocent victims, or a Tarantino-esque bloody crime comedy. Rather, “Running With the Devil” is all the above, confidently blending together many narrative and tonal elements into a surprisingly cohesive whole.

With a cast of familiar faces toplined by the inescapable Nicolas Cage, . It will find viewers primarily via home formats, as “Running” bows this weekend on just 10 U.S. screens simultaneous with VOD and digital launch.

After an ominous prologue that we’ll eventually get back to involving the grim fate of a bound, naked man, Cabell’s script begins

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