Toronto Film Review: ‘Red Penguins’

Toronto Film Review: ‘Red Penguins’

Red Penguins” is a cautionary tale with particular resonance in the context of our current bizarre intertwining with Russia, the country that interfered in the last U.S. presidential election and is led by the Potus’ apparent Bff. This wild tale of attempted transnational commerce just after the demise of the Ussr in the 1990s chronicles the short-lived ownership of the East’s greatest hockey team by an American consortium.

It was an intriguing idea that fast vanished down a rabbit’s hole of deeply embedded corruption — and judging from the oil-and-water incompatibility of surviving participants decades later, one doubts any such venture attempted today would turn out much differently. Gabe Polsky’s very entertaining feature is a sports documentary with little game footage, or even interviews with players. Nonetheless,

Emigre Polsky made a prior doc (“Red Army”) about the Soviet hockey team in its heyday. But we meet them

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