Netflix ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Win Gives TV Movie Category A Tech Twist

Netflix’s Black Mirror took home the Emmy for Outstanding Television Movie for the Bandersnatch episode of its most recent season, adding a technological twist to the category.

Bandersnatch represented the leading edge of Netflix’s entry into interactive storytelling, offering a branching, “choose-your-own-adventure” approach with dozens of possible outcomes to the feature-length episode. The streaming giant has talked of accelerating its push into that area, which the Emmy win should help validate.

In a brief acceptance speech, executive producer Charlie Brooker thanked Netflix, including “everyone on the tech side in Los Gatos, who pulled off a magic trick.”

He stressed how surprised he was by the win, noting that what he held in his hand when he removed it from his pants pocket. “This is a Kleenex from the bathroom of the hotel,” Brooker laughed. “I was panicking.” As a Brit, he jokingly added, “We were conditioned for 52% of you to vote for Brexit,

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