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Dream Girl Music Review

Ayushmann Khurrana goes looking for the out-of-the-way, the strange and different, something others aren’t doing whenever he does a Bollywood film. From Vicky Donor to Andhadhun, they are all twisted tales of everyday life and his latest Dream Girl is just as out there. A man who can play any woman but a pregnant one, uses his talent on a phone line as Puja and slowly becomes every man’s greatest fantasy. Meet Bros are an odd choice for this album, as they are better known for once off remixes and dance hits, having delivered some of the best item songs of the last 5 years, so it will be interesting to see what they can bring for a full album.

“O Radhe Radhe Radhe, tere bina Krishna to lage aadhe aadhe,” is the motif line of the first song of this album; a peppy, upbeat and catchy number Radhe Radhe.

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