The Internet’s Freaking Out Over Friday The 13th Before Christmas This Year

The last Friday the 13th was one for the ages. No, we’re not talking about the dreadful 2009 remake of the horror classic. We quite literally mean Friday, September 13th. It was the first spooky calendar occurrence of 2019 and also happened to fall on a full moon, the 50th anniversary of Scooby-Doo and the day that fans celebrated the long-running series Supernatural.

For those who might’ve missed AMC’s all-day Friday the 13th marathon though, have no fear, as there’s another haunted holiday right around the corner. Shortly after Halloween, during which folks can experience even more horror on the movie channel, there will be another 13th of the month that falls at the end of the work week.

People online are now realizing that there’s one more Friday the 13th this year and it happens to fall in December, just a little less than two weeks before Christmas.

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