Trailer For Inside Game Tells The Untold True Story of The NBA Betting Scandal

We’ve got a trailer here for a new film Inside Game, which tells the untold true story of the 2007 NBA betting scandal. Apparently, this is a film "that the NBA doesn't want you to see." The whole scam involved an NBA referee and a bookie, who worked together to rig games for big money.

The movie stars Scott Wolf, Eric Mabius, Will Sasso, Lindsey Morgan, Berto Colon, Reggie Lee, and Michael O'Keefe. Here’s the synopsis:

Mabius plays Donaghy, who teamed with childhood buddies Tommy Martino (Wolf) and bookie Baba Battista (Sasso) in hatching a scheme to make millions by betting on NBA games Donaghy refereed. The FBI eventually foiled the plot, and all were convicted. Donaghy, a veteran ref, pleaded guilty in 2018 to two federal charges and was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

The film offers us an “inside look at the lives affected by people who think

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