Steve Oropeza is a Border Patrol Agent in New Trailer for 'Fronteras'

"Do not draw a line in the sand with this man." Vertical Entertainment has debuted an official Us trailer for the indie action drama Fronteras, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Andrew Dean. The Spanish word "frontera" translates to "border", and the film is about a border patrol agent who has his morals challenged. Steve Oropeza stars as a Hispanic Border Patrol Agent, who find himself in the grey area between right & wrong when a task force arrives to contain a life-threatening narcotic that is sweeping through the southwest. The tagline is: "loyalties lie on both sides of the border." Uh huh. The cast includes Steven Sean Garland, Wade Everett, Cortez Chappell, Larry Coulter, Randy Green, and Jesus Cris Acosta. This looks like it borrows a lot from Sicario, with a few questionable "grey area" aspects to it. Here's the official Us trailer (+ posters) for Andrew Dean's Fronteras, direct

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