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‘Criminal’ Review (Netflix)

Stars: Katherine Kelly, Lee Ingleby, Mark Stanley, David Tennant, Rochenda Sandall, Nicholas Pinnock, Shubham Saraf, Lolita Chakrabarti, Kevin Eldon, Hayley Atwell | Created by Jim Field Smith, George Kay

Criminal is Netflix original drama series that follows the police force interrogating suspects on very serious crime trials. Unlike other series, Criminal displays the mental battle that takes place between criminals and the police force which makes for a much more authentic and real viewing experience.

Due to its nature Criminal is a very dark and gritty show and the use of costumes and setting reflect this. Each episode takes place in three locations in the police precinct – all of which are dimly lit and murky which a lot of metal being used as decoration which helps add to the serious nature of the show. Instead of having a dramatised and glamourised setting they decided to use a more serious and real

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