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The Major and the Minor

This can’t-lose comedy is ace writer-director Billy Wilder’s first solo directing credit; he and writing partner Charles Brackett concoct a side-splitting crowdpleaser guaranteed to secure his Hollywood future. Ginger Rogers was never more adept, playing a fake 11 year-old in a farce that’s both code-iffy and censor proof; Ray Milland shines as well with the limitlessly clever and witty screenplay. And look out for Diana Lynn, the terrific teenage comedienne that Wilder found before Preston Sturges did.

The Major and the Minor


Arrow Academy

1942 / B&w / 1:37 Academy / 100 min. / Street Date September 24, 2019 / Available from Arrow Video / 39.95

Starring: Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Diana Lynn, Rita Johnson, Robert Benchley.

Cinematography: Leo Tover

Film Editor: Doane Harrison

Original Music: Robert Emmett Dolan

Written by Charles Brackett, Billy Wilder from a story and a play by Fanny Kilbourne, Edward Childs Carpenter

Produced by Arthur Hornblow, Jr.

Directed by Billy Wilder


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