From Worzel Gummidge to Grotbags: the 10 most disturbing children’s TV characters

With Mackenzie Crook bringing a grotesque version of the raggedy scarecrow to the small screen, we remember the most horrifying creations to haunt kids’ television

Worzel Gummidge is the latest kids’ series to get a reboot, with Mackenzie Crook playing the titular scarecrow for two hour-long specials that will air later this year. But rather than the raggedy, straw-haired look of old, he has been reimagined with skin as crumpled and weathered as an ancient oak, and creepy roots sprouting from his chin. In short, he is half-man, half-tree – and 100% sure to scare your children. But isn’t children’s TV all about burying nightmarish characters into the psyches of successive generations? Here are some of the scariest.

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