‘Freestyle Love Supreme’ Broadway Review: Lin-Manuel Miranda Co-Creation Improvises Delight

The Freestyle Love Supreme I saw on Broadway last week won’t be the Freestyle Love Supreme theatergoers see tonight or tomorrow or any other night in its limited, 16-week run. An energetic, insistently likable mash-up of rap, improvisational comedy, hip hop, R&b crooning and, crucially, audience participation, Fls – in its own shorthand – is both the show and the rotating troupe of performers who have been bringing it to unique life off and on, in various venues, since around 2003, now including the Booth Theatre, where it opens tonight.

If you’ve heard of it – or have seen it, and a significant percentage of the audience at the reviewed performance were repeat and clearly devoted attendees – you most likely associate Fls with its co-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, a link that strikes me as a for-better-and-worse proposition. But more about that shortly.

For the uninitiated, a description: Performed on any given night

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