'Adhyaksha in America' review: Sharan's comedy is mindless, formulaic

SandalwoodThis is a remake of the 2015 Malayalam film 'Two Countries'.Aravind ShwethaAdhyaksha in America, directed by Yoganand Muddan, is not a sequel to Sharan's hit film Adhyaksha. There is no connection or continuation to the first part. This is a remake of the 2015 Malayalam film Two Countries, which was also remade in Telugu with Sunil in the lead. A remake film comes with its own pros and cons. With a number of online streaming platforms making their way to every household, there are chances that many people would have already seen the original. That said, the onus is on the filmmakers to weave a tale taking only the important elements from the original and fashioning it to suit the sensibilities of its audience. A too-faithful remake – meaning frame-to-frame copy – is sure to disappoint the audience. Adhyaksha in America is one such remake. Ullas (Sharan) is a wastrel and an opportunist.

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