Steven Universe: Future Return Date, Cast, Trailer and News

Shamus Kelley Dec 28, 2019

It's official! Steven Universe season 6 is really happening at Cartoon Network. Here is everything we know!

Steven Universe: The Movie seemed like it could have easily been the wrap up to the entire series but there's more to come! We've learned that Steven Universe will continue with Steven Universe season 6, titled Steven Universe: Future, and we've got the new opening theme below.

New epilogue limited series %u201CSteven Universe Future%u201D coming soon to #CartoonNetwork%u2063


The future is bright %uD83C%uDF1F%uD83D%uDDA4%u2063

%u2063#StevenUniverse #StevenUniverseFuture #BelieveInSteven #TheFutureIsBright

— Cartoon Network (@cartoonnetwork) October 4, 2019

As you can hear it's an all new song featuring a shortened mix of 'Happily Ever After' from Steven Universe: The Movie! Cartoon Network also revealed this is a "new epilogue limited series."

Steven Universe: Future Trailer Video of Steven Universe

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