Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Birth of Blackbird

What happened to you, Freeland?! You're not the same idealistic town anymore.

The town who once had to deal with Tobias's reign has now become a warzone for the impending Markovian War. And based on the situation on Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 1, the government is taking the fight seriously. They're building an army and fast!

The Pierces should be afraid of this Agent Odell world.

"The Book of Occupation: Chapter One: Birth of Blackbird" provided a time jump after the moment Agent Odell discovered the Pierces' secret identities on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 16.

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Since that conversation, the government and the Asa seized control of the town, placed metahumans into confinement, and dealt with attacks from the Markovians.

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Freeland, even while trying to hold some semblance of normalcy,

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