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Grimmfest 2019: ‘Artik’ Review

Stars: Chase Williamson, Lauren Ashley Carter, Jerry G. Angelo, Matt Mercer, Gavin White, David Robbins, William Ward, Kari White, Keefe Stone, Chris Tapia | Written and Directed by Tom Botchii

The titular Artik (Jerry G. Angelo) is a comic book obsessed serial killer who spends his days sketching and his nights teaching his son Adam how to get away with murder, literally, until the boy befriends a mysterious man, Holton (Chase Williamson), who threatens to expose their horrifying family secret.

I’m not going to lie. There’s no way these days that I can give Any film starring Chase Williamson an unbiased review… The actor has been a solid performer for years, appearing in a myriad of genre films, including two of my favourite modern horrors: Sequence Break and John Dies at the End. As such I find myself enjoying films on his performance alone – and Artik is no different.

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