El Camino: Breaking Bad Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

The Breaking Bad sequel movie is as well-made as one would expect, but fails to surprise. Our review of El Camino...



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The end of Breaking Bad felt like the end of an era. The Golden Age of Television, marked by writer/creator-driven dramas focused on male anti-hero protagonists, arguably kicked off when Tony Soprano carried out a hit while on a college visit with his daughter, and ended when chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin Walter White took his last breath. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan had perfected the male anti-hero, and therefore television could move into the Peak TV era and shift its focus to genre-storytelling, catering to every niche.

The end of Breaking Bad also felt like the start of something. Peak TV, with every network vying for viewer attention with original programing, debatably came about because of Breaking Bad’s success. The series was

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