The Babadook: The 10 Scariest Scenes, Ranked

The boogeyman, a mother who's going off the rails or a bit of both? The Babadook (2014) tells the story of a widow and single mom, Amelia (Essie Davis), her son, six-year-old Samuel (Noah Wiseman), and a sinister character from a children's book.

Alone and still grieving her husband, Oskar (Benjamin Winspear), who died in a car crash the same day Samuel was born, Amelia is forced to deal with Samuel's disturbing dreams that keep them both up at night. As Samuel becomes more and more convinced there's a monster hiding in their home, Amelia begins to question if Samuel is right or if she's slowly losing her mind. The result is a movie that will leave you scratching your head after the credits roll. Here is a ranking of the 10 scariest scenes from The Babadook.

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