Biff Review: ‘Clover’ is a Comedic Thriller of Survival

It wasn’t wise to borrow money from local mobster Tony Davolio (Chazz Palminteri), but brothers Mickey (Jon Abrahams) and Jackie (Mark Webber) didn’t have a choice. Running a bar isn’t easy these days and the added pressure of trying to keep one afloat after generations of family ownership forces their hands to make a deal with the Devil. After a shared history allows for a single extension on payment without increasing the vig, Jackie decides to gamble what they owe (recouped in full) the night before their deadline in hopes of easy profit. As Mickey (and many others) soon explains, however, thinking has never been that sibling’s strong suit. So how do we meet these two? Escorted empty-handed to Tony’s lair, their fate all but sealed.

Screenwriter Michael Testone does give them one more out, though. If the brothers go with Tony’s son Joey

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