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Project A: Riot Shooter Gameplay Details Revealed

Matthew Byrd Feb 12, 2020

Project A is being developed by the League of Legends team, but details confirm it actually resembles another game...

League of Legends developer Riot Games is working on a new online Fps currently known as Project A.

Early details of the game as shared by Riot and a Counter-Strike commentator known as HenryG suggest that Project A will be a team-based shooter that relies heavily on tactical gameplay. The basic premise sees two teams of five compete in round-based matches that seemingly requires one team to secure 12 rounds before being named the winner. Of course, details such as that are subject to change over the course of development. 

What's fascinating at this early stage of the game's development is how closely the project seemingly resembles Valve's Counter-Strike. For instance, an early demoed game mode featured attacking and defending teams competing over two bomb sites, which is

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