American Horror Story 1984 Episode 5 Review: Red Dawn

It's kill or be killed as dawn breaks over Camp Redwood on American Horror Story 1984 Or, perhaps, kill And be killed.




This American Horror Story 1984 review contains spoilers.

American Horror Story 1984 Episode 5

American Horror Story is no stranger to playing with the format of a television series. In Roanoke, they went from a reenactment of true events to a reality television series about the reenactment crew and the real characters sharing a haunted house together. It was a pretty bold move and resulted in one of my favorite seasons of the show thus far, because it did something a little different without losing sight of what people expect and want from American Horror Story. However bold as going meta was at the time, it wasn't as bold as what happens in “Red Dawn,” the halfway point of season 9.

Simply put, the story of Camp Redwood comes to an end in bloody,

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