League of Legends Developers Reportedly Working on Diablo-Like RPG

Matthew Byrd Oct 17, 2019

With this new project, the League of Legends team seem to be going after Blizzard's territory.

Among the many, many announcements that came from the recent League of Legends anniversary event comes an exciting rumor that Riot Games may be working on an action-rpg in the style of Diablo. 

The game in question is currently only being referred to as Project F, and Riot only showcased it and talked about it briefly during their extended presentation regarding what's next for the studio. That very much seems to be intentional as you get the impression that this is the one Riot project that likely furthest away from being completed. 

However, what little we did see of the game seems to strongly indicate that it will be an action-rpg. Riot hasn't confirmed that beyond any doubt, but if the initial information available regarding the project is an accurate representation of the final product,

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