Anime Promare opens in UK cinemas on 26th November

From the moment Studio Trigger first unleashed “Kill la Kill” on the world, we’ve been enthralled by their unique mix of intense, flamboyant action and well-developed characters that have made it and the likes of “Ssss.Gridman” such celebrated fan favourites. Anyone already familiar with their work may have had an idea of the undiluted joy that awaits them, yet Studio Trigger’s first feature film exceeds expectations as a culmination of Imaishi’s work that needs to be experienced sprawling across the big screen.

Burning bright at the core of “Promare” are its two central characters, the self-proclaimed moron Galo, and the terrorist leader Lio. Fuelled by passion and a tendency to act without thinking, Galo’s mix of charm and macho charisma makes him the perfect pilot for this adrenaline rush of a film, and a compelling contrast to Lio’s cool, androgynous persona. When their fates

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