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Svengoolie Haunts DC Comics

Aaron Sagers Oct 18, 2019

The horror movie show host is lending his likeness to the DC Universe to stand alongside its iconic heroes.

Move over, Batman, there’s a new hero in the DC Universe with a secret identity who wears black, sports black eye makeup, hangs out in a cavernous setting, and is associated with bats. Of course I am referring to Svengoolie, the horror movie show host who emerged from the gotham that is Chicago, and can now be found in the pages of DC comics with the story “Svengoolie Meets The DC Universe.”

With the alter ego of Rich Koz, Svengoolie’s eponymous comedy show airs Saturdays nationwide on MeTV, where he introduces classic horror flicks, tells jokes, shares trivia, and has a recurring gag with rubber chickens. Koz has portrayed the character since 1979, when he took over for the original Svengoolie, Jerry G. Bishop. Last month, DC

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