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Film Review: Warriors of the Dawn (2017) by Chung Yoon-chul

“Warriors of the Dawn” is an historical drama/action film set on the conflict between Korea and Japan in the year 1592. Korean historical action/war movies are somehow of a trend, and they are always a sign of quality, with films like “Roaring Currents”, “War of the Arrows” or “Kundo: Age of the Rampant”. These productions have nothing to envy from big Hollywood productions, having such an excellent production design.

Whereas “Warriors of the Dawn” is itself a clearly big and good looking production, it is not big on a great epic scale, as the locations are somehow scarce and simple but effective and beautiful at the same time.

“Warriors of the Dawn” screened at the London Korean Film Festival

The story revolves around a group of mercenary fighters who are called the Proxy Soldiers. These group of soldiers are basically poor people who can’t earn a living, and

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