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Night Of The Creeps Sequel Happening With Original Cast And Director

The 1980s were a hot bed for films that may have disappointed at the box office initially, but would go on to become cult classics that are still revered to this day. One of the best examples of this is Fred Dekker’s beloved horror movie Night of the Creeps.

That project was a mash-up of genres, from slasher flicks to sci-fi adventures. And while it may have been a little light on box office receipts when first released in 1986, an exceptional script helped it rise above and stand out and it’s since stood the test of time.

For years now, there’s been speculation about a potential follow-up, but nothing’s ever been confirmed. That’s all changed, however, as Tom Atkins, who was part of the ensemble cast of the original production, recently commented on the future sequel during an interview with JoBlo, stating:

I would like

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