Meet the new directors who lit up the film festivals

At Toronto, Cannes and beyond, a wave of buzzy debut film-makers grabbed critics’ attention – we speak to four of them

It’s tough out there on the festival circuit for the newbie director. First-time film-makers frequently face an uphill battle getting noticed amid the noise and the circus of a film festival, and even more of a challenge securing distribution. Punters can be reluctant to take a risk on an unknown quantity in a festival schedule – on a director whose name isn’t instantly recognisable and whose CV contains perhaps only a couple of short films. But in fact, first features are often the most exciting films in a programme. Rather than coasting into a screening slot on the strength of a director’s past successes, first features are chosen on merit. To be selected, a debut has to deliver something accomplished and memorable – it has to be a forceful statement of intent.

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