‘Silicon Valley’ Final Season Trailer: Richard Pukes Some More, and Jared’s Got a Gun! (Video)

Based on its trailer, the final season of HBO sitcom “Silicon Valley” looks just like the previous five — and that’s a very good thing.

The sneak peek sees Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) once more going from hero to zero, and this time he actually pukes On the glass walls to his office, instead of merely just behind them for all to see. Plus, the Pied Piper founder again tries to team up with the equally down-and-out Gavin Belson (Matt Ross), but even the Hooli boss is tired of that narrative.

Watch the video above.

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The trailer also features Jared (Zach Woods) getting his hands on a gun, plus the usual nonsense Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) get into. Additionally, Russ (Chris Diamantopoulos) reveals his

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