Once Piece: Stampede Review

One Piece: Stampede is an action-packed celebration of the franchise's 20 years, and one that could be the series’ best movie!




After more than 900 episodes and over a dozen feature films, it can be difficult to generate content that doesn’t simply repeat the past. The One Piece series has seen and done a lot at this point, yet despite its hefty history, the series' newest film, One Piece: Stampede, is a satisfying effort that takes the franchise to exciting places.

Stampede is the 14th film in the franchise and is directed by series newcomer Takashi Otsuka. Beyond just commemorating the anime’s 20th anniversary, he’s with also crafting a film that actively takes place outside of the One Piece canon. The choice to isolate the story makes it both more accessible and a pretense to tell a pirate version of It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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