Review: Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Since we’re in a long wait between live-action Wonder Woman movies, it makes sense for Warner Animation to fill the gap. I just wish they filled it with something stronger than the just-released Wonder Woman: Bloodlines. The story is mostly about Diana and Vanessa Kapatelis with a hideous cabal of rogues attempting to plunder the technology of Themyscira.

It looks like it should fit in the animated continuity but it doesn’t really. We’re treated to a lengthy pre-credit sequence that recaps her origin and rushes things so quickly, that you blink and we’ve gone from Diana (Rosario Dawson) rescuing Steve Trevor (Jeffrey Donovan) to her leaving paradise for Man’s World and suddenly is allied with Etta Candy (Adrienne C. Moore) as they go to hang out with Dr. Julia Kapatelis (Nia Vandalos).

Screenwriter Mairghread Scott, who has extensive animation credits, notably within the Marvel Universe,

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