Portals Clip Dives Into the Genre-Bending Horror Anthology [Exclusive]

Just in time for Halloween, the new horror anthology Portals is coming to VOD and will simultaneously arrive in select theaters this Friday, October 25. To celebrate the impending release, we have an exciting exclusive clip from one of the three interconnected stories locked within this genre bending experience.

On August 5th 2020, an undisclosed research facility successfully creates the world's first active black hole...Shortly after a cosmic disruption occurs triggering a series of world-wide blackouts; after which millions of mysterious, reality-altering, Portal-like anomalies appear everywhere and anywhere across the planet. While many flee from the sentient objects, the real terror sets in as people are drawn toward and into them.

Portals comes from four visionary filmmakers currently making their names known in the horror genre. The movie is directed by Eduardo Sanchez, perhaps best known for The Blair Witch and Exits. He is joined by Gregg Hale, who directed one

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